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Got a traffic ticket? Don’t want points on your driving record? Don’t want to waste your time in lengthy court proceedings? Call Chlebowski Law LLC and we will handle it for you. Attorney Nicholas J Chlebowski will go to court for you. Before your case even reaches a judge, we will communicate with the prosecutor or state’s attorney and try to resolve your case. Most cases result in a plea bargain that increases your fine in exchange for a plea to a non-moving (non-points) violation. The client pays the fine and court costs and the case is finished. In those cases where a plea bargain is not available, Chlebowski Law LLC will mount a strong defense.


Attorney's fees for traffic tickets start at $150.00 ($250.00 for tickets that have entered warrant status) with costs and other fees extra. Many of these cases can be handled over the phone or by email. There is no cost or obligation to call or email Chlebowski Law LLC to discuss your ticket. Please contact us at:

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