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Many people who are charged with DWI don’t think that there is any way to fight it. They hope to cut a deal for smaller fines, reduction in license suspensions, lesser jail time or probation. However with an aggressive defense strategy do you know that it is possible to:


·        Never lose your license at all?

·        Avoid a conviction?

·        Keep your record clean?

·        Avoid costly insurance premium increases?


Each case is dependent upon the facts and circumstances but mounting an aggressive DWI defense may be in your best interest. Chlebowski Law LLC will defend you in both the criminal proceedings and in driver’s license hearings. The strategies employed by Attorney Nicholas J Chlebowski have been proven to work. Don’t throw your money away on attorneys looking to cash your check and make a deal. Insist on an aggressive defense. How much is your name worth?


Please call or email Chlebowski Law LLC to set up a no cost, no obligation appointment to discuss your case:





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